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Story behind Bluetrain

Our Vision

Watch CEO Steffan Berelowitz present our future product direction, and how it builds upon our current product offering.
The future of consumer marketing is mobile and multi-screen. In order to compete, marketers need a new generation of websites that adapt to the unique behaviors and capabilities of each screen including smartphones, tablets and desktops. At Bluetrain Mobile, we enable marketers and their agencies to create brilliant and compelling multi-screen experiences resulting in measurable engagement and action.

Responsive design enables marketers to publish content on any screen, but for data-driven consumer marketers who care deeply about optimizing lead generation and revenue on each screen, current approaches to responsive design fall short because they give marketers little or no control of the user experience of each device once the site is live. Our vision is to build a responsive server side (RESS) platform that puts the intelligence of responsive design in the hands of marketers themselves. Bluetrain will make it easier for marketers and their agencies to build and optimize a new generation of websites that provide far greater freedom and control of the user experience on every device.

As new devices and interfaces continue to evolve in the future, Bluetrain’s innovative SaaS platform is in continuous development, enabling marketers to stay ahead in an increasingly mobile world.

The Story

With 17 years of interactive web work behind him, our founder and CEO Steffan Berelowitz recognized that professional marketers in small to medium sized enterprises and their agency partners need better responsive tools to create websites for any screen. Our founding team, the Bluetrain Crew, is comprised of top web technology, engineering, customer care, sales and marketing talent, and is funded by leading VC firms and a group of private investors.

We have over 50 mobile websites on our platform representing many industries. Customers such as the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University, and Just Military Loans are finding that an engaging mobile website builds customer engagement and new business leads.

Why Trains?

In 1842, Samuel Morse strung a single wire between two rooms in the US Capitol and transmitted the first telegraph message composed of tiny dots and dashes—Morse Code. Just a few years later, recognizing the tremendous impact of the telegraph on communications, Congress passed the Pacific Railroad Acts to construct the First Transcontinental Railroad describing, "a railroad and telegraph line from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean...". The telegraph and the railroad united two coastlines and facilitated both long-distance travel and near-instantaneous communication over 3,000 miles. The telegraph sparked a technology revolution that would dramatically change the very nature of communication for generations to come.

Inspired by the historic connection between telecommunications and trains, we decided to call our company Bluetrain Mobile.

Bluetrain Mobile

Everything Mobile. Anything Possible.